Online Casinos and Social Media

The convergence of online gambling and social media is a really comfortable one. Government bodies still aren’t ready to legalize gambling in many parts of the world, yet people still find ways around the law. With the meteoric emergence of Facebook and other social media related platforms in the last couple of years, online gambling skyrocketed.


Online casinos are illegal in the United States and other countries such as Turkey, Israel, while a large number of countries have adopted specific laws. In the U.S., gambling as well as sports betting each reperesent a huge industry, despite the fact that most is done illegally. Americans are not shy about their magical love affair with sports betting and gambling. The social aspect of gambling was hit by the emergence of social media and this led to many gambling-inspired networks and platforms. One such website is

In terms of popularity, gambling is at an all-time high, as there are now over 800 online casinos ready to receive deposits from slots lovers and poker experts.

It’s not hard to understand the pervasiveness of online gambling – and the social aspect of casual gambling – developers and entrepreneurs are actually attempting to grow this industry even larger. Their goals advance at the same pace with technology and they are not far from something really big.

The Future

The gambling industry is astonishing. One could say it is largely underground, the services, products – and now networks – surrounding the market are quite public. You see promos in the major cities where gambling is legalized and this trend moves everything closer to inevitable legalization across countries where this matter has not been clarified yet.

Illustration Online Gambling

There is an entire spectrum of ‘slots’ or ‘games’ users play either on mobile phones or on the Internet. Some of these are ‘social’ in the sense that interaction is a key feature of the gambling or gaming. While slots are a solo experience, table games aren’t. The virtual social environment, often by means of online casinos or social media is used to market games.

The main thrust of social gambling is to develop a sense of community – a network, rewarding players for sharing achievements, or even adding multiple gamblers to compete. If Facebook proved that the human nature craves social and other human beings, then this might also be the future of online casinos.

Final Thoughts

Creating true social games and slots involves overcoming a series of challenges. One huge advantage of slots is that their payout is known before release, yet one it comes to strategic social games, that may be harder. Creating communities is the key, and if gamblers can somehow help each other win bigger this might mark the first step towards the kind of slots and games we will see in coming years.

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